Sealants address a wide variety of the ever-inventive, increasingly demanding architecture found around the world. Our sealants provide the durability, flexibility, and movement capability that are fundamental to the successful prevention of water entry. The replacement of worn sealants with new manufacturer-recommended high-performance sealants is critical to maximize life span and to the overall health of your building.

Our commercial caulking services include: control joint caulking, expansion joint caulking, window caulking, window glazing and wet glazing. As professional caulkers, we know the importance of proper preparation, including the correct use of primers, backer rod, and bond breaking tapes. Proper selection of silicone vs. urethane caulking is also critical. Each has its own benefits. Proper tooling of the caulking joint is also critical for a long lasting, durable, joint sealant. Exterior caulking is one of the key components in the waterproofing of building envelopes.

The benefits of elastomeric coatings are not limited to roofs. Wall coatings formulated with this tough elastomeric material remain flexible but retain their tensile strength to protect over a wide range of temperatures. Their flexibility and softness also provide excellent resistance to dirt pick-up and prevent wind-driven rain and moisture from seeping into cracks and causing structural damage, even in humid, hurricane-prone regions. Elastomeric wall coatings keep buildings in one piece and safe and dry.

By bridging micro-cracks, elastomeric wall coatings help maintain masonry walls, protecting and renovating older buildings and providing integrity and maintainability for new construction. WCI has successfully repaired and recoated thousands of buildings across the country with these amazing products.